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What? Ahavat Kol Yisrael Yerushalayim was founded in 1989 in Jerusalem by Rabbi Yoram Baruchian

Our goal is to provid assistance to all Jews regardless of religious or political orientation or ethnic background. Over the last fifteen years, the organization has helped thousands of families throughout Israel in the following areas:

  • Shabbat and Holiday food baskets (Operation No Hungry Children and Kirncha D'Pischa)
  • Assistance to the sick, crippled; elderly and women after birth
  • Activities in homes for the handicapped, orphanages and hospitals
  • Lending of medical equipment and medicine
  • Financial and logistical assistance to needy grooms and brides
  • Distribution of clothing and shoes
  • Publication of an educational booklet entitled Tzav Hasha'ah: Ahavat Yisrael

Ahavat Kol Yisrael's activities have been praised and endorsed by the Gedolim, the President of Israel, the Ministry' of Welfare, Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lopolianski and the Bureau for Social Security to name just a few. The organization currently numbers more than 500 volunteers (with many students from Or Sameach Institute) throughout the country, including its own volunteer staff in Jerusalem and in other branches.
Ahavat Kol Yisrael is a registered, non-profit organization funded entirely through donations. Future projects IYH include the establishment of a soup kitchen and, in addition to the continuation of our present activities, the publication of additional material on Achdus Yisrael.
Your contributions go directly towards the purchase of food, medical equipment, medicine and clothing. All donations are tax-deductible and may be sent to Ahavat Kol Yisrael, Maalot Dafna 129, PO Box 8140 Jerusalem 91081 or via Paypal.

Jewish Teaching

Greater is Tzedakah than all of the Sacrifices[sukka:49]. Through it, one merits to experience open Miracles[Talmud Yerushalmi]. Through it One merits to wear a Great & Holy Garment of Light In the World To come to save one from (exterior) Troubles.[Zohar]
Even the Supernal Priests of High, who are 'Michael''&''Gavriel' dress in Garments of 'Tzedakah' to Recommend ''Yisrael'' as written in [psalms:119]: Your Priests shall wear (Tzedek) 'Righteousness'.
Like an Armored Vest To protect one from Arrows..Through Tzedakah one wears a Garment called Tzelem Elokim(Image of G-d).[Shabbat:151] & Tzedakah saves one from Death (Proverbs:10)
As R'Shimon Bar Yohai teaches:one is Master over all Creatures when theHoly Image Rests upon Him, for no Wild Animal can Attack unless The Image is Removed & one is Likened to an Animal...... (See Daniel=in the Lions Den)--- Nevuchadnezar loved eating Milk++Meat+-+-+-{This causes an 'Animalistic Image' to appear, actually a 'Goat'.}-+-+[Zohar]

Acts of 'Hesed' can be done with everyone, even the rich man who lacks no money. Also the dead whose dignity can be safeguarded by physically assisting in his burial arrangements, by perpetuating his memory and spirit [sukka:49].

Practical Law (Shulhan Aruch,Y.D.249:8) states: In any case, one should not boast about the Tzedaka that he gives ('worthy of punishment'). Nonetheless, if one dedicates something to charity, he is Permitted to write his name on it as a remembrance for him & it is proper to do so... Our obligation to emulate G-d is by giving to others.

Our sages define maturity as the ability to give without strings attached. We can be advanced in years, successful in business, distinguished in scholarship (even Torah scholarship), but if we have not learned to give, if we don't understand that giving is the ultimate priority, then we have not reached maturity. By emulating God's loving-kindness and generosity, we gain access to realms of knowledge, subtleties that exist beyond words. The secrets of Torah are unlocked in this way.[R' Y.Ginsburgh] Giving to others is a purgative, it cleans out the residue of decadent living, of forbidden foods & forbidden relations. Just as we would spend anything necessary to save our life, so should we give tzedakah to heal ('redeem') our soul. Since we have lost the physical & spiritual strength to fully atone for many ailments through 'fasting', Tzedakah has become the most potent medicine available.[R' Y.Ginsburgh]

shod chafan A person will never become impoverished or damaged through it, as the Prophet says: The act of Tzedakah will be Peace -[Isaiah 32:17] The Ari z'l (Greatest-16th c.Mystic) further teaches that: It is known, the Tzedakah which one does that day is written on the forehead of a person for the remainder of that day.
There is a (G-d) appointed angel who elevates this Mitzvah very high, causing a flow of (sheffa) blessing & success to descend into the world ('unstolen money only').

requires the giving of a minimum of 10% & a maximum of 20% of all income to charitable purposes. Even a beggar whose only income is Tzedakah must separate the minimum tithe. Yet there are extenuating circumstances where this maximum does not apply. One exception is during famine when people are starving and destitute. In such a situation any householder who has more than others must sell everything and give it all away, until he has equaled himself to the community. He does not have to make himself worse than the others, but neither can he hoard while others starve. [R' Y.Ginsburgh]



RECOMMENDATION just to name a few of our well-known endorsements:

President Moshe Katzav, many leaders & government offices, such as office of income & Care Centers)
I hereby highly recommend the Ahavat Kol Yisrael Organization situated in the Holy City of Jerusalem headed by Harav Yoram Bruchian.
This organization has taken upon itself the vital task of teaching their fellow Jews about their heritage and bringing them back to the ways of their fathers. as well as organizing Torah lectures for youth. Furthermore, they have established a free loan fund fur lending out medicine. medical supplies and baby supplies, as they endeavor to aid needy families in any way they can. Chazal have guided us: Asser Ta'aser - donate a tithe to charity to achieve wealth, and it is a great mitzvah to come to our aid and to support us generously in a charitable spirit. May G-d fulfill all the hearts' desires of those who assist and contribute from their Ma'aser to this holy place. May G-d bless them with all that is good, with happiness and joy, with offspring, longevity and plenty, all in the best of health, Amen. Mordechai Eliahu
Rishon Letzion, Former Chief Rabbi of Israel


founded in 1989 - 5749

My name is Aaron, I'm an Oleh [immigrant to Israel from New York originally] and I volunteered to begin this wonderfully noble cause.  I have nothing but praises for R' Yoram Barukhian [lecturer in traditional Jewish thought], and founder of "Ahavat Kol Yisrael" translated: the Love for all of Israel. 
Ahavat is a non-profit charity organization which is legally registered in Israel. "I am the witness to R' Yoram Barukhian's most refined character, and I will attest that in the twelve years that I've known him, this man has given his utmost to help those who are less fortunate nothing less."
The organization is also in need of an ambulance [a minimum of $90,000 for transportation of the sick and disabled], as well as a properly owned building [estimated $ 1 500 000], which is located in the Maalot Dafna Jewish neighborhood of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem). This will include classrooms, a library, a soup kitchen and a large storage space for medical equipment [in memory of a loved one as is customary].
We desperately need medical equipment, wheelchairs, crutches, blood pressure monitors - and winter blankets, heaters etc...
Anyone interested in the above acts of kindness can contact: "Ahavat Kol Yisrael..."
·         R' Yoram Barukhian 052-380-1636, [cell, hebrew only]
·         972-02-532-6835 [office, hebrew only], 
·         for english please email [Aaron]

The following is a pricelist for medical equipment and other crucial needs: 

  • wheelchairs $350-$1850, bath seats $120
  • crutches [$45], blood pressure monitors [$85],
  • Blood Glucose Monitor [$140-$320], 
  • three/four wheeled walker rollator + chair and basket [$100-$140], 
  • Inhalation Device [$80], Air Purifiers for toddlers [$55],
  • baby cribs [$100], diapers for children as well as the elderly [$30-$50], 
  • winter blankets [$30], heaters [$60-$130],
  • Bar Mitzvah set [$450] (includes: Tefillin, Tallit, covers, Sidur and Kippa),
  • Orphaned Bride and Groom preparations [$300 Groom - $800 Bride],
  • finally to adopt a needy family for one month [$100-$150].

How to helpTax-Exempt ID#11-6037844

Ahavat Kol Yisrael
Maalot Dafna 129, POB 8140
Jerusalem, Israel-91081

Bank Discount account no. 855103
Branch: 064 [Geula]
Jerusalem, Israel
SWIFT CODE # IDBLILITXXX [11 characters].
IBAN# IL71 0110 6400 0001 0855 108
Bank RIB

Greater is Tzedakah Given in Secret, more than Moses our Teacher [BabaBathra:9]

The highest form of charity is when giver is completely concealed from the receiver, in order not to embarrass him, as is said, the concealed gift subdues anger [King Solomon]

-we took the time to do it right Can you help us?

  • R' Yoram Barukhian
    052-380-1636, [cell, hebrew]
  • 972-02-532-6835 [office, hebrew only]
  • for english
    Ahavat Kol Yisrael [founded in 1989 - 5749]
    We desperately need medical equipment, wheelchairs, crutches, blood pressure monitors - as well as winter blankets, heaters etc....
    Anyone interested in the above acts of kindness can contact: "Ahavat Kol Yisrael..."



Man shall help his fellow, and to his brother shall he say, 'Be Strong.'

Nourishing food baskets for Shabbat and Holy Days and special Passover deliveries

  • Food deposit boxes in various neighborhoods
  • Cheerful visits to old age homes with singing and musical accompaniment
  • Joyful visits to the sick in hospitals
  • Purim food baskets
  • Purim meal deliveries
  • Drug counselling for teens
  • Lending of medicines and medical equipment, distribution of shoes, school supplies, and many other activities

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